Collection of wall recessed luminaires for exterior applications.
Designed for low mounting heights with downward asymmetric light distribution.
Low luminance with the light source regressed inside the luminaire and shielded from all viewing angles.
Recessed application with metal back box to be installed during the concrete forming or to be fasted to the wall structure before the building cladding.

Exceptional European build quality with high corrosion resistant finish. Robust marine grade die-cast aluminum construction, with stainless steel fasteners and factory sealed micro-prismatic glass diffuser.




Recessed application with back box

Square or rectangular design

4 body sizes

Asymmetric distribution

High efficiency  LM80 tested LED

High effiecncy electronic driver > 50,000 H

Operating temperature -30°C / +30°C

IP65 UL Listed for wet location

Aluminum gray

5 year limited warranty


Power  from 4 to 17 watts

Output  up to 172 lumens

Distributions  Accent Light

Color  3000 / 4000 K

Cri  90

Controls See spec sheet

Lumen maintenance : L70  50,000 Hours




  MINIEOS  Square 4W  38 lm  Spec  ►    IES/CAD  ►  

4W  38 lm
Spec ►   IES/CAD ►  

S.4645 S.4629 S.4615W S.4615N S.4605W S.4605N S.4610W S.4621W

  MINIEOS  Rectangular 6W  45 lm  Spec  ►    IES/CAD  ►  

MINIEOS Rectangular
6W  45 lm
Spec ►   IES/CAD ►  

  EOS  Rectangular 17W 170 lm  Spec  ►    IES/CAD  ►     

EOS Rectangular
17W 170 lm
Spec ►   IES/CAD ►  


  EOS  Square 14W  180 lm  Spec  ►    IES/CAD  ►   

EOS Square
14W  180 lm
Spec ►   IES/CAD ►