Collection of wall recessed luminaires for architectural applications. Vertical or horizontal design, provide soft asymmetric accent light. The LED source is regressed inside the fixture and shielded from view. Along with the black reflector provides glare free lighting.

The luminaires are designed to be installed on a standard 2" x 4" switch box or receptacle box mounted vertically or horizontally.

Supplied with non dim integral LED driver
Dimming can be achieved with the optional remote driver configuration.


Vertical or horizontal design

LM80 tested Osram LEDs

LM79 tested

UL listed

5 year limited warranty

White, Black or Metallic gray



Power   2 watts

Output  80 lumens

Distribution  Asymmetric accent light 

Color    2700 / 3000 / 3500 K

Cri   80 

Controls   On demand with remote driver

Lumen maintenance  L70 50,000 hours


  Scala  Vertical 2 W 80 lm  Spec  ►      Instructions  ►

Scala Vertical
2 W 80 lm
Spec ►     Instructions ►

  Scala  Horizontal 2 W  80 lm  Spec  ►     Instructions  ►   

Scala Horizontal
2 W  80 lm
Spec ►    Instructions ►



S.2075 S.2076 S.2077 S.2078 S.2085 S.2086 S.2076 S.2078 S.2086