Elegant led profile systems with small aperture of only 1.5", available in two sizes for direct or directs/indirect illuminations.
Frosted white PMMA diffuser provides uniform distribution without leds imaging, light lines or shadows. Wide distribution suitable for general lighting.

Proprietary led platform with superior thermal management that yields reliable color consistency and output performance . The dedicated heat sink maintains the led temperature at minimal levels to ensure reliability in all conditions. 
Continuous luminaires runs of up to 24 Ft are supplied with a single diffuser .

Modular continuous systems can be configured to obtain bespoke solutions by incorporating tracks systems or Laser Blades modules from Iguzzini.

Supplied with 5 ft cord, install into a standard Jbox.

Also available in T5


Direct or direct/indirect distribution.

Osram LEDs ( LM80 )

UL listed

5 years limited warranty

White or grey painted finish



Power  4.8 W / 7 W / 10 W  per foot

Output  510 Lm / 710 Lm / 940 Lm per foot

Distributions  Greneral lighting

Color  3000 / 3500 / 4000 K

Cri  85 

Controls  0-10V -Lutron Hilume

Lumen maintenance L70 100,00 hours

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LINEAR up/down light Spec ►   IES/CAD ►   Instructions ►

LINEAR up/down light
Spec ►   IES/CAD ►   Instructions ►

LINEAR Compact down light Spec ►   Instructions ►  

LINEAR Compact down light
Spec ►   Instructions ►



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